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Project Embodied English

A Drama/ESL Course for Advanced Language Learners

Embodied English (EE) is a speaking and pronunciation course like no other: it involves no desks, no writing and no boring memorization. EE helps very advanced learners of English to get feedback on their language use and non-verbal expression as well as improve their speech (accent) clarity. EE students practice small talk, public speaking, telling jokes, reciting monologues, engaging in discussion and improvisation activites. Developed by a Canadian team of ESL instructors, actor trainers and applied linguists, EE uses a unique methodology which transforms language learners into efficient, effective, and expressive users of their second language while helping them move closer to the native speaker ideal in oral communication.

Embodied English = Clearer Accent + Better Body Lanugage + Deeper Connection with English




Why take TLT’s EMBODIED ENGLISH course?

  • increase your fluency in spoken English

  • learn to make vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation choices native speakers tend to make

  • learn to link English intonation to verbal actions and emotions

  • improve your public speaking skills

  • become more confident with English

  • enhance your awareness of cultural codes and meanings

  • make friends among native and non-native speakers of English living in Toronto

  • have fun

EE course comprises two parts. Each part lasts 12 weeks and comprises
  • 8 group sessions

  • 4 tutorials (one-on-one and pair)

  • 1 final assessment session

  • 1 group outing (optional)

To download the course syllabus, click here.
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