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EE Video Channel:

Everything you wanted to know about second language acquisition


This EE Video Channel was started in 2015 in order to inform a broader audience of language learners and teachers about research-based strategies that can enhance their second language learning and teaching. The two instructors of the Embodied English course, Art and Elizabeth, discuss various myths of second language acquisition, share their teaching and learning experiences, conduct interviews with researchers and practictioners in order to answer questions asked by their students and EE Video Channel viewers.


The most common questions are


  • Where/how can I practice my English? (or any other second language)

  • Can I get rid of my accent?

  • What makes a good language learner?

  • Is taking a language class better than learning a language through immersion?

  • Can drama/improv help me become a better language speaker?

  • Do children actually learn languages faster than adults?


If you have to have a question  you would like Art and Elizabeth to answer, please post it in the comment section below one of our videos.. 

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