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Project  E: Team

Principal Instructors:


  • Art Babayants​, PhD, TESL Ontario

Art is an actor, theatre director, ESL teacher and TESL instructor who has worked in Canada, the UK, the USA, and Russia. He started his career as an English teacher in 1993 and became instantly interested in teaching methods promoting the use of Drama for Language Education. In 2004, Art won a prestigious Teacher of the Year Award for the development of an integrated Drama/ESL syllabus. He received his PhD from the University of Toronto and his doctoral research lookedinto the phenomenon of multilingual acting. Through his lastest creation Embodied English, he continues to share his experience with ESL learners and teachers. His favourite class is teaching intonation patterns through acting. 


  • Elizabeth Wickwire, MA, TESL Ontario

Elizabeth has taught English all over the world, from rural Japan to bustling Bangladesh to the deserts of Saudi Arabia.  Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Elizabeth now teaches English to newcomer women here in Toronto and is excited to be returning as an instructor of Embodied English.  Her favourite lesson to teach is the one on humour and irony, and she always looks forward to learning more jokes from course participants. 


  • Shelley Liebembuk, drama coach,  PhD

Shelley completed her doctorate at the University of Toronto’s Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies. She has the pleasure of working as a teaching instructor of acting and theatre at the University of Toronto’s Scarborough campus, and as a drama tutor for Embodied English. A graduate of the Atlantic Theatre Company acting conservatory (NYC), she continues to work as a performer, as well as a dramaturge in Toronto. Most recently, she performed in Toronto Laboratory Theatre’s collectively devised The…Musician (January 2014), and was the co-organizer of La Pocha Nostra’s artist residency in Toronto (October 2014).



Course Coodinator: 

  • Edith Krannich, MA

Edith took Embodied English in spring 2014 and never wanted to leave the project. As a former graduate of the course she knows hands-on what EE is all about and sharing information is one of her passions. Edith holds a MA degree in European History and German Literature (Free University of Berlin) and works as a translator in Toronto.

Teaching Assistants: Suzanne Banay Santo, Amy Packwood, Shereen Gharseldin, Natasha Fiorino

Researchers: Dr. Burcu Yaman Ntelioglou (OISE/UT), Art Babayants (UofT)

Note: guest instructors with experience in teaching Drama and ESL are invited to conduct a number of classes and rehearsals. Volunteer instructors might also be joining the course to assist with group sessions and/or tutorials. 





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